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It’s getting hard to talk to my Friends..

True and Best Friends

Finding it hard to talk to my Friends..

For some reason which i starting to face problems while interacting with my friends.All of my friends are really good competitors and they are ready to do anything for for marks,basically very good competitors whatever involves marks,they try to be good at it.

Sadly I’m exactly opposite i’m not bothered about marks in fact i hate them because they are a very bad way to rate the abilities of a person.

Like in my previous articles “What’s Wrong in Arguing ?” i keep arguing with them(trust me,they are far far interesting from marks!) but they are hardly bothered about it just because it about arguing!

Moreover when i try to share some of “My Phislophical Views” they are hardly botherd because i think i seem to be boring them.When i tell that competition is not the only thing they say “Your not being Practical!”.How lame can that reason get ?

Have they ever seen the true beauty of the world and have they ever realized how lucky they were to live on such a beautiful planet and lucky to have all the comforts in life.Have they ever though of making the world a better make to live in rather than only think of JEE and Competition! If they did they wouldn’t give such a dumb reason for that.

I wish i could really set their thinking right about how things should be working in the world and rather fall into the materialistic things that the humans have sadly created !

What’s wrong in Arguing ?

Calvin Agruing

What's Wring with Arguing ?

All my friends and parents always tell me that i argue a lot! I don’t know why they don’t want to argue.Because of this i don’t get a chance to even explain a few things to people even though what they think is right is wrong.I always argue with my friends,but not for fun even mine has a point even they have a good point and that’s the whole point why we have to argue,so that we can get the right answer.

There might be infinite numbers of ways to approach a problem but we have to intimately land up in one solution.

Apparently mine was just one of the ways to approach and what we should have done was to try to find the answer,but no one ever listens to me and most of the time they don’t ask me doubts because i have a point similar to their’s and they don’t like to debate to get the right answer.

That’s why “Sri Hari” and “Akash” are one of my best friends in FIITJEE (My coaching Class) we always love to come up with new points and love arguing for the point which we stand for.

But it does’t mean that we should argue just for the heck of it even when you know it is wrong.

What i feel is that we should get involved in arguments so that we can understand how other’s think and take the good qualities in them.Also our understanding on the argument would improve and conceptually we would be even more enlightened.

Whenever i try to make this point to my friends or whomever i meet,they usually ignore me and i find it really hard to talk with them because i have to think twice or thrice to speak in such a way so that it doesn’t seem like I’m arguing,even though it’s not the real me !

I tried searching for images on Google for the term “Argue” and i was only able to find such negatives pictures which give us a completely different understanding of what it should have been !

It’s good to face diffculties

This is the perfect example of trying.In my earlier post “Unable to Find the Solution of an Interesting Functions” while writing i was not sure of solving the quation it looked quite difficult! But i finally manged to solve it.

One of the keys things i learnt while solving this interesting function was to think in different angles and not to lose hope at a point where you find no way of even arriving at the answer.

Whatever observation you make now will be necessary for the next time and no steps are waste even though it’s not related to the answer.It’s my personal experience as well.I often land up at an equation which has no clue to the answer,but as i start understanding it more,the ability to understand the original questions increases substantially and you might ultimately end up getting the solution in another way.

We often misunderstand failures as a waste of time,but actually they guide us to the solution in a more logical way which no other person can and the knowledge which you gain through it is enormous

That’s why people who are very successful in younger ages may not be very successful when it really matters, as compared to the people who face more difficulties as they are the ones who understand and gain more knowledge while reasoning the difficulties.

Anyway the infinite series which i solved was

y = sin(cos(sin( ….∞ (x)))

Understood the Meaning Of Experience.

My Math Teacher keeps telling all of us that she is more experienced and hence she knows better than her.I never like like that i found that my suspision was right as well.

If i just take it as a matter of example,it simplifies all of it.

According to me

“Experience is just what you gain from an unforseen Situtation”

I’m quite sure most of you have had disappointed in some time of your life because you would have expected better and your gifted something less.If you look into it I’m sure you’ll find loop holes in your approach.

People in Offices say that I’m more experienced that you because I have been working in the office for a longer time.But if you look into it, the truth is that he has just gained more knowledge and unerstood the working atmosphere and the people there.So if i was to to get experienced I would think of every possible way why my senior colleagues are better and why they are better.

If you understand that then you’ll start getting a hold of things as  to what should be the best things to be in the top spot.

Its better to reframe it as

“Knowing every possible outcome of a situation,and the purpose of it would definitely make you equivalent to an experienced situation.One of the main characters of a so-called Experienced Person would just be to think of getting the outcome with a much better and simpler way”.

I’m not so good at putting my thoughts onto a blog 😀 but I’ll try my best !

If I’m wrong anywhere i would love to know and correct myself! Thanks for Reading !