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The Same Old Competition!

Normal day again,boring Physic class as usual..Math was little interesting as she mentioned much less about public exams and marks today than others.Don’t think i don’t like the subjects ! I love them that’s why i do something by myself in their period.I hardly ever listen to them because they keep giving the same type of questions and keep deriving new new formulas without even knowing the reason why they are deriving them.

Chemistry is the most hopeless subject i can;t do anything by myself as well because you need some kind of knowledge already,it is mostly depends on your mugging abilities that decides your awesomeness in the funny right ! What a way to even judge someone in chemistry.

I believe that chemistry should be learnt practically rather by books.Ok the basics can be learnt on book but the rest should be in the lab.

This is the exact reason why i hate “Indian Education” system.

After School,I have FIITJEE on Mondays,Thursdays,Saturdays and Sundays.That’s a house of Competitors who can even kill some one to get into IIT.

Everyone gets drilled there.And on top of all that I’m in a special batch which selects the best students (Top 50 I guess).So even more torture.But this is the only place where i get to learn real knowledge and meet a few interesting people like myself.Who don’t care about competition and marks much.

My Friends wasted most their time discussing each others marks.

“Vikram” was talking to me about how awesome a student was just because he managed to get great mark.And started treating him like a god for a while.I don’t get it why they consider them to be such great people,for we hardly know how good their thinking and understanding of the world is.

I’m not saying they are not good ,they might be good at problem solving but they may not be good at analyzing which is more important.

After that Chemistry class which was interesting as he was teaching mechanism of varies Ethers which was quite fun to learn 😀 !

I was hoping it would rain because i could have enjoyed the fresh air while coming the bus.That’s the only reason I go by bus and not by car even though i could!

That’s it for today ! Good Night !