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What’s wrong in Arguing ?

Calvin Agruing

What's Wring with Arguing ?

All my friends and parents always tell me that i argue a lot! I don’t know why they don’t want to argue.Because of this i don’t get a chance to even explain a few things to people even though what they think is right is wrong.I always argue with my friends,but not for fun even mine has a point even they have a good point and that’s the whole point why we have to argue,so that we can get the right answer.

There might be infinite numbers of ways to approach a problem but we have to intimately land up in one solution.

Apparently mine was just one of the ways to approach and what we should have done was to try to find the answer,but no one ever listens to me and most of the time they don’t ask me doubts because i have a point similar to their’s and they don’t like to debate to get the right answer.

That’s why “Sri Hari” and “Akash” are one of my best friends in FIITJEE (My coaching Class) we always love to come up with new points and love arguing for the point which we stand for.

But it does’t mean that we should argue just for the heck of it even when you know it is wrong.

What i feel is that we should get involved in arguments so that we can understand how other’s think and take the good qualities in them.Also our understanding on the argument would improve and conceptually we would be even more enlightened.

Whenever i try to make this point to my friends or whomever i meet,they usually ignore me and i find it really hard to talk with them because i have to think twice or thrice to speak in such a way so that it doesn’t seem like I’m arguing,even though it’s not the real me !

I tried searching for images on Google for the term “Argue” and i was only able to find such negatives pictures which give us a completely different understanding of what it should have been !