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It’s good to face diffculties

This is the perfect example of trying.In my earlier post “Unable to Find the Solution of an Interesting Functions” while writing i was not sure of solving the quation it looked quite difficult! But i finally manged to solve it.

One of the keys things i learnt while solving this interesting function was to think in different angles and not to lose hope at a point where you find no way of even arriving at the answer.

Whatever observation you make now will be necessary for the next time and no steps are waste even though it’s not related to the answer.It’s my personal experience as well.I often land up at an equation which has no clue to the answer,but as i start understanding it more,the ability to understand the original questions increases substantially and you might ultimately end up getting the solution in another way.

We often misunderstand failures as a waste of time,but actually they guide us to the solution in a more logical way which no other person can and the knowledge which you gain through it is enormous

That’s why people who are very successful in younger ages may not be very successful when it really matters, as compared to the people who face more difficulties as they are the ones who understand and gain more knowledge while reasoning the difficulties.

Anyway the infinite series which i solved was

y = sin(cos(sin( ….∞ (x)))