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Unable to find Solution of an Interesting Function !

I was trying really hard on solving this equation in my IIT Coaching class


While most of them were busy discussing about their marks and asking others where they went wrong in the exam,I was busy solving this and it was quite bugging actually,no peace only people shouting..How many marks did you get ?Couldn’t couldn’t concentrate on what i was doing.

There was an awesome and intelligent fellow who didn’t care about marks called “Sri Hari”,so i spent most of the time with him discussing varies interesting and beautful curves.He brought a book which had amazing mathematical equations such as

x2+y2 = a(x2+y2)1/2

I don’t know how these mathematicians plot them without actually substituting values.I can do for a few graphs but not for such complex ones.

So,like i was telling i was really close to finding one more solution of an infinite series,after long calculations i finally landed on the equation which i showed earlier.

So far,I have solved these

y= sin(sin(sin(……..∞ (x)))



The current infinite series which I’m working on is quite huge and challenging,lets see if i manage to solve it.If i did it would be quite a remarkable thing to do.

I wanted to show my papers on the infinte series to my FIITJEE sir but i was scared that he would say that I’m not concetrating on JEE preparation and doing all this shit instead.

I will definitely show him my papers if i come up with the solution on this infinte series !

Amazing and Beautiful Mathematical Graphs

I found an awesome site which helps in the plotting of any kind of function.One of the standard graphs was this “θ=r” (The site has that function in default after a few tabs).Visit:

First it looked spiral,I was quite fascinated by that because i have only come of curves and linear functions but never a graph like that.I keep zooming out (Scroll Bar) and it seems to show amazing patters! Unbelievable patters! It sows so much symmetry that i could only dream how mathematicians could explain this!

Look at a few screen shots which i took after some time of zooming out.And I’m sure these are not the best.If any one had the patience we could even try finding out more amazing patterns and try thinking of how to approach,to explain this

The Beauty of Math!

Beautiful Mathematical Graphs !

Beautiful Mathematical Graphs !

Beautiful Mathematical Graphs !

Beautiful Mathematical Graphs !

Don’t be Amazed! They are graphs! I’m not joking.You can try it out yourself at