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Understood the Meaning Of Experience.

My Math Teacher keeps telling all of us that she is more experienced and hence she knows better than her.I never like like that i found that my suspision was right as well.

If i just take it as a matter of example,it simplifies all of it.

According to me

“Experience is just what you gain from an unforseen Situtation”

I’m quite sure most of you have had disappointed in some time of your life because you would have expected better and your gifted something less.If you look into it I’m sure you’ll find loop holes in your approach.

People in Offices say that I’m more experienced that you because I have been working in the office for a longer time.But if you look into it, the truth is that he has just gained more knowledge and unerstood the working atmosphere and the people there.So if i was to to get experienced I would think of every possible way why my senior colleagues are better and why they are better.

If you understand that then you’ll start getting a hold of things as  to what should be the best things to be in the top spot.

Its better to reframe it as

“Knowing every possible outcome of a situation,and the purpose of it would definitely make you equivalent to an experienced situation.One of the main characters of a so-called Experienced Person would just be to think of getting the outcome with a much better and simpler way”.

I’m not so good at putting my thoughts onto a blog 😀 but I’ll try my best !

If I’m wrong anywhere i would love to know and correct myself! Thanks for Reading !